48-004  Aviatik D.II "U-Berg"


Aviatik D.II was never intended to replace famous D.I fighter nor was it considered a priority program at any time. 
After flight tests of 30.22 plane on the end of 1917 Flars ordered a total of 16 D.II fighters for further trials. Aircraft 39.01 made their  appearance at Aspern on 10 August 1917, performing flight trials through November. 
This plane attained 217 km/h making it the fastest Austro-Hungarian fighter. In February 1918 “U-Berg” (U=unverspannt =wireless) and armed with twin synchronized guns were asigned to Flik 61J for combat tests.
The Aviatik D.II was an interesting high-performance project, not considered for further production.

All front cover artworks:
Seweryn Fleischer






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