Apparently, the most popular machine gun of all times, used in all kinds of armed forces, is the product by Browning Company, signed M2 with a .50 calibre (12.7mm).

In the imitation of this weapon in the scale of 1/48 our company  used an unique solution, namely a perforated shield of the cooling barrel, which made of metal does not require additional activities (e.g. toilsome winding up) to be applied on the model.
The set includes additionally 4 sets of metal barrels and resin corps. You can also buy sets of perforated barrels only, without the corps.

"They are fantastic! They are the most true to scale gun barrels I have ever seen. They are like little models themselves. Just Beautiful! I don't know how you make them but they must be very difficult to engineer."
(very satisfied customer from Canada - R.B).

         All models & pictures by Bernhard Schrock
B001 - set (perforated barrels + resin corps), 4 items


B002 - perforated barrels, 4 items.


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