Ideal shape of a model, especially the one built as "out-of-the-box", depends mainly on two factors: both painting and the precise reproduction of exterior details. In case of parts which are small and shaped in a complicated way the method of formation by means of "plastic injection" does not guarantee the exact reproduction of its real appearance. Items that are most difficult to produce undoubtedly include: exhaustion pipes, covers of engines' inlets and outlets, handles and towing cables (TC's), which every mechanical vehicle is provided with.
The majority of such exterior details are available in the form of "photo etched" components or resin casts. Alternatively, one can also produce them on his own. The only exeption are TC's, which are hardly replaceable. There are vehicles equipped with exceptionally long TC's, which have a direct impact on a model's final appearance, e.g.: Tiger, Panther, T-34, T-54/55 or M-88.
Until the present day there have been several methods to replace what the producer instructions suggest:

  a TC made from a piece of natural rope - drawbacks: clearly visibly "hair" (even after painting), awkwardly twisted lines, difficulty to arrange the TC along the shape of a model,
  a TC created conventionally from a few pieces of wire - drawbacks: the way of twisting is inconsistent with the original form and, moreover, changeable within the whole length of a cable, splitting coil in bending areas,
  resin or palstic TC - drawbacks: actually unfit for an acceptable arrangement on a model, risk of change of the original form bringing about the necessity of grinding that would result in the deformation of the "twist".

KARAYA company meets the great demand on perfect imitations of TC's. Our product has been created by modellers and for modellers. It is a result of many years of work and experiance.

The advantages of KARAYA TC's:

  ideal reproduction of the twist within the whole cable, its twist is always adjusted to the thickness of both the main cable and its component lines,
  possibility to be used on any scale: 1/87, 1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/16,
  double chemical processing of material, which makes the shape of the line unchangeable in various bending areas,
  natural appearance of the TC, achieved thanks to both its hand-made production and the implementation of technology that is 100% comparable to the one used in the production of steel lines and TC's,


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