PzKpfw. III L  (and IVG - one picture)  - 1/35 DRAGON.

This is a conversion of Dragon's 1/35 scale Flammpanzer to a Panzer III L.
The kit itself looks quite nice and with a few additions makes a very nice model. There are of course a few things to look out for, but all in all construction is rather straightforward.
The kit was detailed using a variety of products:

 - The hull skirts were added using Aber's excellent PE set.
 - Aber's Photo-Etched grilles for the engine air intakes were also used.
 - The turret skirts were made from thin sheet plastic and thin brass strip to make the support brackets. I had such a difficult time trying to get Aber's turret set to line up properly that I ended scratch building these items.
 - Bolt heads were added using short sections of plastic rod with a hex shaped cross section. These were cut using "The Chopper".
 - Wiring was added for the driving lights.
 - The tow cable tie downs were made using leftover PE "sprue" from a couple of different Aber sets. These were then detailed with PE wingnuts.
 - The cargo rack was constructed using the same brass strip used to make the turret skirt brackets.
 - The cargo boxes were scratch built to match the two boxes shown carried by "511" in the photograph. They are made of sheet plastic with lead foil & wire handles.
 - The dangling bucket was "borrowed" from a Tamiya SdKfz 251.
 - Fruil's ATL 04 pinned track set was used. I love these track sets because I can paint & weather them and then once finished, lightly rub them on a piece of 400 grit sandpaper and "viola" perfect looking track wear. They also sag just right, not that you can see it with the skirts in place, but I know it's there!
 - The tow cables are a combination of Karaya cables and the Tamiya cable ends that come with the Panzer IV OVM sets. These cables look great and best of all they are super easy to work with.

Modeller: Mike Millette.
It's a part of an article published on Hyperscale.

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